StPancras_800x643.jpg 2 weeks that I was really busy, project to finish (which won't never goes in production...) and report to do!
So I didn't had much time (working days and nights, weeks and week-end!)
I let you with some lastest pictures : the science museum (with very old expositions.... let's a museum of old computing...) and a picture of Hampsted, not far from London (between zone 2 and 3 on the North) you will find a lovely and quiet place, just trees and fields, and not too many people!

For this last post from London (I m here writting from St pancras!), I would like to thanks everybody I met, this was a pleasure to have creasy parties with you! Thx also everybody who cames here and slept on my sofa! thx to thoses I forget but I do think to you :) and of cours my girlfriend for this 6 months so far...
Now ,let's get holidays!!!!
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